You Are Invited To Network With Top Business Owners And Learn Their Secrets

If you want to join a “Virtual” Mastermind of successful business owners and discover legitimate, tested, original, innovative, even radical strategies for turning ordinary business into extraordinary businesses then you are in the right place.

If you would value connecting with business owners, teachers, trainers, coaches and advisors who weren’t invented yesterday…

Who have actually built successful businesses!

Then this is for you and I am going to give you A TOTALLY FREE OPPORTUNITY to join us. If you qualify.

What is this group?

The Business Growth Syndicate is a weekly virtual mastermind event. Where we get on a private conference call and discuss what’s working, what’s not and how to take our business to the next level.

Think of it as a virtual “hot-seat” where you can get help, support, encouragement, accolades, and feedback to help you as well as keep you on track to scaling up your business.

What are the requirements?

This is for real top online business owners only:

  • You must generate over 7 figures a year online to be qualified to be a member.

  • From time to time we ask every member to prepare a short presentation to share with the group.

The Details:

Calls are every Friday at 3 PM EST.

Attend when you can. No commitments.

We meet on Discord. (It's a free chat service that works better than a lot of other ones)

How to join us with Discord

Why is this group FREE?

The more money my business friends make(you), the more money I’m going to make. It’s that simple, so you could say I’m doing this for personal gain.

Because of that I won’t just let anyone into the group. You have to be personally invited by me or invited by a member and approved by me.