An Invite-Only Mastermind For Groundbreaking Growth

Dear Future Mastermind Member,

When you become a member of the Mastermind On A Boat, you join a team.

Everyone who is part of this exclusive team is dedicated to helping each and every member win as big as possible. There are no exceptions!

If you qualify, I'd like to invite you to join this exclusive team.

Here’s is my promise to you:

When you Mastermind On A Boat I am going to focus on helping you get to the next level:

  • Great Connections – This is an exclusive hand-selected group to guarantee the best quality networking and support possible.

  • Insider Information – Discover what’s no one else is sharing publically. Nothing is held back!

  • World Class Destinations – It's time to celebrate your success by traveling to the most luxurous hotels, eating at the finest restuarants, and drinking the rares vintages with peers who know and understand what it takes to get here.

  • No B.S. – Full access because all members are asked to commit to helping everyone in the group. Get a fresh prospective, outside input, new & innovative ideas or just someone who already has the answer.

Who Am I And Why Did I Start This Mastermind?

My name is Nick Hill, and I'm obsessed with growth. If you want to learn more about the millions of dollars I've made for myself and my partners then scroll up and check the about page. For now I want to get to the point of why I started this Mastermind.

I've been to a lot of Masterminds before, some of them good, some great and some bad. Some that had:

  • No Structure

  • No Actionable Information

  • No Good Connections

So after years of going to different events, I decided the only way I could GUARANTEE that an event would be 100% worth it would be to put one on myself so that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve started this Mastermind for a very selfish reason:

I’m here to grow as fast and as big as possible so now you too can cash in on my selfishness which guarantees that the attendees and information shared will be an extremely high quality at this exclusive event.

What Is The Cost?

This Mastermind is not cheap.

The cost keeps the quality high.

That’s one of the reason we have a Mastermind fee because automatically screens for success and provides for the top shelf champaign we will drink, the fancy restaurants we will dine at and the once in a lifetime excursions will will bond on.

The room is only as strong as the average level of achievement. If room is mostly newbie or mediocre attendies then the material would be slowed down to accommodate them. This is for winners that want to win much, much bigger.

Here is why Masterminding On A Boat Is Different

If you really want to start WINNING on a whole new level...

Feeling like you're on a roll, building a monster that just vacuums money & success...

Feeling like your days are fresh and you're exploding with motivation that just spirals you upward then this is for you...

This is a different kind of Mastermind because we're going to channel a force to level you up, no matter where you are at…Not just to get the best but to get you the best of the best so that you rocket past whatever has kept you from achieving your ideal life.

Why You Need To Take Action Now

I attribute almost all of my success to exclusive, private, structured, facilitator led, paid masterminds where I met the right people and learned key information that immediately took my success to the next level.

A Mastermind really is a shortcut to success. Whether it's a new connection, a new idea, or just new scenery to inspire that next success, I want you to join me in this shortcut so don’t delay take action now space is extremely limited.

Join The Team

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