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When You Join Us, You Join The Winning Team

Dear Future Mastermind Member

When you become a member of the Mastermind On A Boat, you join a team.

Everyone who is part of this exclusive team is dedicated to helping each and every member win as big as possible in their business. There are no exceptions!

If you qualify, I'd like to invite you to join this exclusive team.

As a member of this team, you will make the right connections to grow your business, discover the cutting edge business building secrets no one is sharing publically and travel to an amazing destinations.

And most importantly: You will be joining a winning team committed to your success. Nothing is held back!

Here’s is my promise to you:

When you Mastermind On A Boat I am going to focus on helping you get to the next level:

  • Great Connections that make the trip worthwhile – I’ve personally invited top players who are willing to help you so you can make the right connections you need to grow your business. This is an exclusive hand selected group to guarantee the best quality networking possible.

  • Insider Information – Discover what’s working right now that no one else is sharing publically so you can be on the cutting edge so that your business can get to the top and stay on top this year.

  • Level Up - Want to scale to the next level? When you want to grow your business to the next level sometimes you need a fresh prospective or outside input. Learn from people who have been in your shoes before and can guide you to the next level. Experience new and innovative ideas that make all the difference.

  • No B.S. – Full access, nothing held back, all members are asked to commit to helping everyone in the group because a rising tide raises all boats. You’ll find no other mastermind like this.

There’s nothing like a Mastermind On A Boat because you can have someone else instantly solve a problem you have or show you the path to the next step because they have been there before and already learned the lesson and by being a member have committed to help you.

Who Am I And Why Should You Mastermind On A Boat?

My name is Nick, and with my business partner Eric, we’ve been running our own business for over 10 years and I won’t bore you with the details of the millions of dollars, my successes or my failures because this mastermind is about you.

I want to tell you why I founded this mastermind and why it’s important that you attend:

You see, I go to a mastermind to make connections and learn new information to grow my business with the added benefit of going somewhere exotic.

What makes this mastermind so different? I’m going to do the hard work for you and set you up with the connections you need to make.

I am also going to hand select the right presentations and industry leaders to make sure that you learn amazing information to help you level up your business right now.

Why I Started To Mastermind On A Boat?

You’ve probably been to a lot of masterminds before some of them good, some great and some bad. Some that had:

  • No Structure

  • No Actionable Information

  • No New Connections Made

So after years of going to different events I decided the only way I could GUARANTEE that an event would be 100% worth it would be to put one on myself so that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve started this mastermind for a very selfish reason:

I’m here to grow my business as fast as possible by learning from the best. If that’s you then you are in the right place because now you too can cash in on my selfishness which guarantees that the attendees and information shared will be an extremely high quality at this exclusive event.

Not only will you improve your business and gain new partners but you’ll make lasting friendships along the way.

What Is The Cost?

This mastermind is not cheap.

The cost keeps the slackers out.

That’s one of the reason we have a Mastermind fee because automatically screens for success.

With that said, this is NOT a for profit coaching mastermind that costs 30 thousand dollars to get business accountability from me.

The fee covers the costs of running it: Including food, event venue hire, drinks, networking activities etc.

The costs will be dictated by the luxury location, the amazing activities, the fancy food and top shelf drinks that you’ll be enjoying.

Remember this mastermind was created for a selfish reason: To learn the best things that are working right now, not as a for profit mastermind.

This is for me, so I want it to be extremely high level mastermind focused on results.

And that’s good news for you because you can cash in on that selfish agenda because it means you’ll be learning high level insights and making high level connections and enjoying the luxury activities we will be planning.

This mastermind will be like a "think tank" and it is unlike anything else you will be able to get -- you can't get this from a book or even an expert or even an expert consultant.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity where you'll be sitting with the very best in the world at what they do and growing your business as fast as possible.

The room is only as strong as the average level of achievement. If room is mostly newbie or mediocre business owners then the material would be slowed down to accommodate them. This is for winners that want to win much, much bigger... Using real effective strategies (the stuff that actually works right now) and win as big as possible as quickly as possible right now.

Here is why Masterminding On A Boat Is Different

If you've been in businesses for awhile and you really want to start KILLING IT on a whole new level...

Feeling like you're on fire, building a monster that just vacuums money at a whole new level...

Feeling like your days are fresh and you're exploding with motivation that just spirals you upward then this is for you...

This is a different kind of Mastermind because we're going to channel that force into the room. The force to level up your business, no matter where you are at…Not just to get the best info out, but to get you past any block that's kept you feeling stuck or complacent.

I am going to bend over backwards to give you what you need to get you results:

  • You Get The Right Connections – Your network is your net worth and I’ve developed a system to get you the right connects that is proprietary to my mastermind

  • The Right Presentations – Discover what’s working right now so you can stay on top if you want to stay ahead of the curve then pay attention

  • What to do next – Sometimes you are stuck in your business and need to know what to do next so come and get new and exciting ideas from people who know what they are talking about

  • Fun – Everyone needs fun and a break from their day to day business to get motivated, energized and excited. Some of my best idea’s come when I’m not working so take this opportunity to to take your business to the next level

  • My Commitment To you – Most people wouldn’t do this but I commit fully to everyone who attends my mastermind to do everything I humanly can to help you succeed. I expect and demand the same from all the mastermind members.

If you are still reading this, it means you can start to see why this mastermind is completely different and you are getting ready to experience a mastermind on a whole new level so you can up your business game.

Why You Need To Take Action Now

I attribute almost all of my success to exclusive, private, structured, facilitator led, paid masterminds where I met the right people and learned key information that immediately took my business to the next level.

When everyone else in the mastermind is focused on your success the magic really starts to happen. Now you have multiple brains on your business goals as opposed to just yours.

A mastermind really is a shortcut to success. I want you to join me in that shortcut so don’t delay take action now space is extremely limited.

Join The Team

If you are accepted into the Mastermind you'll be put on the list and be notified when the next meeting is scheduled.